Fall Cidertini

I know I know, you are thinking that this ‘tini’ isn’t a martini at all, but cider-tail just doesn’t have the same ring to it. So here we stand with the cidertini!  Right now I’m really inspired by all the delicious fall recipes.  Apples, pumpkin spice, squash, apple cider, are great ingredients I’m trying to incorporate into our favorite foods. At our house we are enjoying apple pie, squash mac ‘n cheeze, and now for an extra special treat after a long day..the Cidertini!  
Ingredients: 2 oz cake vodka~6 oz apple cider~1 oz butterscotch or caramel schnapps~3-4 ice cubes~dash of cinnamon~apple for garnish
1) Combine first 3 ingredients in a cocktail mixer or empty bottle, add ice & shake well.  2) Strain into martini glasses 3) Garnish with a spring of cinnamon and an apple slice. 4) Sip & enjoy. (makes 2 servings)

Manic Monday-Peacock Edition

A big influence during our wedding planning period were beautiful peacock feathers.  I love the perfect blend of cool colors; brilliant royal blue, a ravishing combination of greens, vibrant gold, and my favorite dark purple.   It has been a year and I am still inspired by the peacock feather.  A lot of the inspirations below are from our wedding!! Enjoy 🙂 
 Peacock cupcake theme (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Feathers scattered among irises (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
Bridesmaid dresses in similar color palette (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Painted heals as the focal point of an outfit (Found here)
 Scattered among wild grass.  I now have a bunch of peacock feathers in one of those large jugs at our apartment!  (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Sanctuary decoration inspired by peacock feathers (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)