Manic Monday-Color Block Edition

My favorite pattern right now is color blocking.  It can be incorporated into so many aspects of my style, both in my wardrobe and in my home decorating.  The fun part about this design is that it doesn’t follow traditional coordination.  Any colors can be mixed together for a funky bold look; pink & orange, black & navy, green & teal, etc.  Whatever you like goes! J Crew cap toe pumps.  DIY coming soon.
A very colorful blouse.  Great transition colors as fall arrives.
Color blocked nails for anytime of the year.  This post has an easy tutorial.
Black and white curtains made complete with red accents. 
Last but not least, fun and easy canvas art.  I made this to coordinate with my bathroom, but if I were to recreate the masking tape art I would use several bright contrasting colors. 
Have a happy Monday!

Make-Ahead Breakfast Bake

Egg Bake is my go-to recipe for my husbandss breakfasts almost every week.  I vary the veggies from week to week to change it up.  But this recipe is a foolproof meal for guests or for a quick grab breakfast all week!
Ingredients: 9 eggs~1 1/2 -2 cups of diced veggies~1/4 cup to 1/2 cup cooked breakfast meat, ham, or sausage~1/4 cup shredded cheese (optional)~1 medium potato, sliced about 1/4″ thick~7″x11″ pan or 12 cup muffin tin~salt & pepper to taste~cooking spray or oil
1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. 2) Beat eggs and season with salt and pepper. 3) Add veggies, meat, and cheese (optional) to the eggs and stir well.  4a) Grease pan or muffin tins and put one layer of potatoes across the bottom. 4b) If you use a muffin tin, put one potato slice per tin.
5a) Pour egg mixture into the pan, making sure veggies are spread throughout. 5b) Fill muffin tins about 3/4 of the way full, depending on how many veggies and meat you use, the mixture may not fill all 12 tins. 6)  Bake for 50-55 minutes or until knife slides through clean in the center of the bake.  
My Favorites: I usually do a combination of broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and onion.  If you don’t have any cubed ham or breakfast sausage, diced lunchmeat works great.  I like to make up a package of breakfast sausage and divide it into fourths. I then freeze my weekly rations, and make prep time on Sundays much shorter.   

Dairy Free is the Way to Be!

Since finding out I was sensitive to dairy products, I have been exploring numerous alternatives.  I wanted to share some of my favorites with you!
(link) Almond milk has been my favorite alternative to milk so far.  And I’ve tried several: rice, soy, almond, and coconut.  I try to keep unsweetened ‘Original’ and ‘Vanilla’ on hand.  Original is a great substitute for milk in any savory meals I make.  I like to have the Vanilla on hand for my coffee, oatmeal, and any desserts I make.  The almond milk nutritional stats are great (per serving): Calories-45, Calcium-30% of daily, Sugar-0 grams, Total Fat-3.5 g (5% daily). In my opinion AM is trumps dairy milk with it’s nutritional  stats!  Dairy (per serving): Calories-122, Calcium-29% of daily, Sugar-12 grams, Total Fat-5 g (7% daily)
(link) It took me a while to find something I could use as a substitute for butter.  Previous to finding the earth balance spread I used Olive or Coconut oil for a substitute in recipes and treats.  But now if I want butter’s texture/creaminess I use earth balance.  The spread is gluten free, soy free, and vegan.  Ingredients: Expeller pressed oils, natural flavor, pea protein, sunflower lecithin, lactic acid, and naturally extracted annatto for color.  
(link) For coconut lovers this is a great substitute to yogurt.  My favorite way to serve it is with granola, raspberries, and chocolate chips!
For some special cheese substitutes I like these recipes for Parmesan Cheeze and Vegan Cheeze Sauce.  Nothing will be as rich and creamy as the real thing but these are some great alternatives for the dairy free or vegan palette.  

Manic Monday-Peacock Edition

A big influence during our wedding planning period were beautiful peacock feathers.  I love the perfect blend of cool colors; brilliant royal blue, a ravishing combination of greens, vibrant gold, and my favorite dark purple.   It has been a year and I am still inspired by the peacock feather.  A lot of the inspirations below are from our wedding!! Enjoy 🙂 
 Peacock cupcake theme (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Feathers scattered among irises (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
Bridesmaid dresses in similar color palette (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Painted heals as the focal point of an outfit (Found here)
 Scattered among wild grass.  I now have a bunch of peacock feathers in one of those large jugs at our apartment!  (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Sanctuary decoration inspired by peacock feathers (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)