Manic Monday-Fall Edition

It has been a long two week hiatus from the blog, I’ve missed it a lot.  Graduation is soon approaching, so job hunting season is here and has been consuming my life.  The past few weeks I have been preparing for my school’s annual career fair: updating my resume, preparing my answers for all those behavioral questions, and networking with employers.  I was so blessed to have 3 interviews last week and 1 more this week!! Now I am just practicing patience and waiting on God’s timing and direction.
Now that fall is in full swing, I am hear with a Manic Monday post in honor of Fall, MY FAVORITE SEASON in Michigan.  Let me share some of my favorite inspirations with you.
 Love this little accent,  an edible Apple Centerpiece.
I will continue to enjoy some delicious Cidertini’s
Riding Boots.  I have a pair that I love to wear during the fall! 
Chocolate Pumpkin Pie.  Can’t wait to try this!
Festive Fall Wreath, this might be pretty easy to make.
Pumpkin Spice Donuts.  Ashley also has a PS version that is vegan over here.
I can’t go through the season without carving at least one pumpkin.  This site has some great downloadable patterns.
I hope you all enjoy the beautiful brisk fall weather, the gorgeous colors, and all the delicious recipes you can find!