Manic Monday-Peacock Edition

A big influence during our wedding planning period were beautiful peacock feathers.  I love the perfect blend of cool colors; brilliant royal blue, a ravishing combination of greens, vibrant gold, and my favorite dark purple.   It has been a year and I am still inspired by the peacock feather.  A lot of the inspirations below are from our wedding!! Enjoy 🙂 
 Peacock cupcake theme (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Feathers scattered among irises (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
Bridesmaid dresses in similar color palette (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Painted heals as the focal point of an outfit (Found here)
 Scattered among wild grass.  I now have a bunch of peacock feathers in one of those large jugs at our apartment!  (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)
 Sanctuary decoration inspired by peacock feathers (Photo courtesy of Danell-Garza Photography)

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