DIY Fabric Lampshades

What you need: 5 yds of 12 gauge aluminum flower wire~5 pieces (18” X 9”) of coordinating or identical fabric~5-5” wooden embroidery hoops~4- 2′ X 3/8” X 1/8” strips of wood stock (can be found at Jo-Ann’s or most hardware stores)~Glue gun~Extra glue sticks~Measuring tape~Needle nose pliers~Utility knife or utensil for cutting wood~Pencil or pen
1) Cut each piece of wood into 4 6″ strips using the utility knife.  2) Pull out grommets and bolt from all outer layer embroidery hoops using the pliers, this is where husbands come in handy!!  3) Use hot glue to secure the separated hoop ends.   4) Cut 10 strands of wire into 15″ lengths and wrap around light socket, centering the wire around the socket.
5) Crisscross finished wires on each of the outside embroidery hoops trying to make wire equal distances apart, mark these points with a pencil.  6) Wrap one end of wire at first marked spot about 2 times around using pliers to pull tight and/or trim.   7) Repeat on opposite side, making sure socket loops are lined up and centered.  The wire curve upward. This is so the wire will not be seen from the side and why we cut such a long wire.   8) Repeat using second wire at marked locations. 
9) Put spot of glue on outside bottom embroidery hoop (hoop with the wire already attached), make sure wood strip is flush with bottom.  10) Repeat with top embroidery hoop making sure hoops are parallel.  11) Repeat with second strip of wood.  12) Repeat with final piece of wood, keeping it equidistant apart.  NOTE: The last two strips of wood are the key to making the lampshade equal heights all around, its okay if the wood isn’t flush with the edges of the embroidery hoop, it will be hidden by the fabric.
13) Run a strip of glue along one of wooden supports, immediately place 9″ edge of fabric on glue, centering the fabric and pulling to keep the fabric tight, but not tight enough to stretch out the weave.  14) Continue by adding glue about 2″ at a time and placing the fabric on it as you go.  15) As you get to each wood support, spread glue across entire wood strip and seal.  16) When you are back to where you started at the wooden beam, leave just enough fabric to be able to fold over.  Fold edge over and seal with a final strip of glue.
17) Trim top and bottom edges to about 1″, I added 1.5″ on each side of fabric to have leeway in case the fabric got a little crooked as I was wrapping it around the hoop.  This actually happened on about two lamps until I got the hang of it.  18) Inch by inch begin spreading glue along inside of embroidery hoop and using tip of pencil to tightly press fabric edge onto it. 19)  Repeat steps 9-18 for other four lamps.  20) Slide metal loops over light socket and screw on bulb.  Turn on and enjoy.
***Click photo for larger image

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