Chevron Inspired Nails DIY

I’m not much for painting my fingernails, but it is a rare occasion when I don’t have some kind of color on my toenails.  During the summer its fun to spice things up and  add some designs and multiple colors to my nails.  Here is an easy tutorial I made after being inspired by this painting.  The design could work for both your fingers and toesies.
All you need is: clippers~nail polish remover~3-5 nail polishes in contrasting or complimentary colors~base coat~top clear coat
Below are some different color combinations I put together to inspire your creativity!
1) Remove existing nail polish and trim nails to preferred length, err on the longer side for more room to paint. 2) Paint base coat on all toes.  3) Let dry. 4) Choose 1 of the nail polishes to be your base, paint on a coat. 5) Let dry and repeat. I chose to use the lightest color as the base for my chevron design.
 6) After the base color is dry, start from the bottom corner of your big toenail (or fingernail) and paint diagonally upward toward the center edge of your toenail.  7) Repeat on other half of your nail.
 8) Repeat on the rest of your nails.  Note: Depending on the quality/color of your polish you may have do 2 coats per layer.  
 9) Repeat steps 7&8 with your third color, moving  about 2/3 of the way up your nail.  10) If you have more than 3 colors continue the process, leaving less space between the colors. 11) Once completely dry, finish with the top clear coat.

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