DIY Decorative Cork Ball Tutorial

Since Randy and I got married (1 year ago)  I have been trying to save our wine corks.  Let’s just say its been a slow process, I had collected about 6 corks the entire year. We really don’t have wine that often and half of that time we end up with those new screw cap wine bottles.   While shopping at Whole Foods last weekend Randy spotted a cork recycling center.  When he spotted it he knew I would be excited!! We asked the manager if we could have some of them and we ended up coming home with a gallon size bag of corks.  I mulled over the different ideas I had, a corkboard, a cork bath mat, coasters…but instead I decided it would be fun to make more of a decorative accent piece with the corks. After some research it led me to the idea of making a ‘cork ball’.  I brainstormed how I would make it for a while and have now written it out step-by-step!  Originally I had hoped to have enough corks to do at least 3 balls to stagger in the corner of our living room but I greatly underestimated how many corks it would take to make one ball.
What you will need: 5″ strofoam ball~ Brown spray paint (or any neutral dark color)~Glue gun and extra glue sticks~1/8″ silk ribbon (I used dark brown to match our dining room)~110-130 corks/5″ ball
1) Spray an even coat of spray paint over the styrofoam ball and let dry for 1-2 hours.  This step will help the glue to adhere better and make any empty space between the corks less noticable. 
2) After the paint is dry, heat glue gun up. 3) Line up corks. I organized the corks with the sides I wanted to glue going in the same direction so I wouldn’t have to check each cork as I went.  I looked for wine stains and/or corkscrew holes that I could hide as the base.
 4) Spread about a dime size amount of hot glue on the ugly end of the cork, spread it out and stick the cork to the styrofoam.  5) Press and hold firmly until dry
6) Repeat steps 5&6 moving outward from the initial cork until your entire ball is filled. 7) Wrap a string around the entire ball, weaving around the corks as needed and secure with a tight knot, as close to the styrofoam as possible.  8) Hang and enjoy!
 Tips: A) As you can see there are some spaces in between the corks, I did that because I wasn’t sure if I had enough corks to cover the entire space.  An easy remedy to that was painting the styrofoam a dark color to offset those spaces.  If you have 130+ corks this empty space wont be an issue. B) If you don’t have as many corks, another stylish look could be to paint two base coats of paint on the styrofoam ball that would match the other decor in your room.  Make the spaces between the corks more methodical.  This would make the spaces in between the corks  stand out with the accenting color. C) If the large quantity of corks is intimidating, you can downsize to a 2″ or 3″ styrofoam ball. 

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