Spring sales

After the winter/summer season I always try to get out to my favorite stores and do a little shopping.  There are always a few key pieces I look for and never pass up a really good deal for some fresh wardrobe updates.  Yesterday I stopped at Ann Taylor, Loft, & Banana Republic and found some serious steals.  I spent a total of  $121, bought 7 pieces and saved a total of  $396 off the original prices!!  The deets are as follows:
Ann Taylor merino cardigan: Original price-$78, I got it for 91% off
Ann Taylor Jacquard mini-skirt: Original price-98.00, was 86% off.
Winter white skirt: Original prics was $128, I saved 84% on this skirt.  They didn’t have my size in the regular section but I found one in the petite and just bumped the size up 1 and it fit perfectly!  I actually liked it better because petite skirts obviously run a shorter length so it made it a perfect length for summer.
Banana Republic color-block cardigan: Original prices was $59.50, I saved 68%.
Banana Republic silk button cardigan: Original prices was $59.50, I saved 66%. I know it seems a little odd to buy two cardigans in the same color but they are a little different style and I wear sweaters over a lot of outfits and knew I would get a ton of use out of both.
Banana ruffle T: Original price was $45.00, I originally would have saved 60%, but I found a small black mark under the armpit that looked like it could be washed out, so I took the risk, let the cashier know, and she gave me an extra 20% off, can’t beat that!Loft pleated front short sleeve top: Original price was $49.50, I saved 55%!  This shirt was very wide when I tried it on, but then I paired it with a skinny belt and it really put the look together!  
I highly recommend checking out the sales after each season, you never know what kind of serious deals you might find.  These stores are my go-to places for collecting my key pieces, because of the high quality, I am usually willing to invest more on these.  Although this time I didn’t need to!  

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