Winter projects

It looks like we are going to have a beautiful sunny spring day here in Michigan!  With all this early blooming I decided to make a bouquet from some blossoming trees in our neighborhood.
Here are a few projects I worked on over the winter before I started this blog!  I really enjoyed experimenting with different textures and colors and incorporating them into our apartment decor. 
Our bathroom was decorated in wasabi green and brown.  I decided I wanted to add a splash of watermelon pink into the decor and did this by way of these simple but bold canvas paintings.
I found this project to be the most unique, made from different diameter sized cardboard concrete forms, cut to different lengths.  I painted mine a dark brown to match our living room.
I loved this project, we used some old barn wood for the base, and purchased antique spoons to hold the tea light candles.
From the days of dorm-room living I had bright multicolored lampshades on this  silver lamp.  This DIY project brings back memories of candy and pinatas, made with yarn, balloons, and fabric stiffener.  
My friend found some old window frames for me at secondhand store.  I thought they would make a perfect headboard/focal point for the bedroom,  I painted them and gave them a textured vintage look with some sandpaper. 
What kinds of projects did you fill your time with this winter? 

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