Tortilla Flop

Every Sunday I try to make up some kind of breakfast bake, filled with eggs, veggies, meat, and cheese.  Usually my hubby leaves himself about 45 minutes to get ready and eat in the morning. And he has to be out the door by 5:15, when he is left to his own devices he usually grabs some sugary Frosted Mini Wheats.  I think breakfast is so important so I try really hard to make something healthy up ahead of time for him to just grab!  With all the different freeze ahead breakfast burritos circulating the blog world last week, I decided that they would be a welcome change to our usual breakfast routine!  The only  change I made to these recipes was to cook my own whole wheat tortillas to make the breakfast even more healthy.  But it didn’t work quite as well has I had hoped….
I started by cooking up some bacon & scrambled eggs.
I used this recipe to make my tortillas, and rolled them out nice and thin, trying to make them 9 to 10 in. tortilla’s so all my fillings would fit.  This is when things started to get hairy!
I then began cooking them until they were light and fluffy crispy and breakable.  I tried putting on a lid to kind of steam them..that didn’t work. I tried cooking them for a shorter time…still didn’t work.  The tortillas tasted delicious, but they were just too crunchy to wrap around my fillings when they cooled down.   I gave up and just decided to wrap everything separately and put them together in the morning.
As I pondered why things weren’t working, frustrated and annoyed with myself, I thought back to my Mom’s excellent tortilla making skills and realized all I had to do was roll them a little thicker, that way the center stay’s moist enough to roll without breaking.   Problem solved!  Next time my  tortillas wont be such a flop.

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