Manic Monday-Lace Edition

I had such a wonderful weekend with family and friends.  Saturday we had some friends over for a homemade pizza night after going to see the Hunger Games. And Sunday we got to spend time with my mother-in-law, relaxing and getting some tasks done at her house.  I’m excited for the week ahead, and hope I can accomplish everything on my to-do list!  
Check out some of my ‘lacey’ finds to start out your Manic Monday!
DIY Lace Dresser
Lace Shorts
Lace Cuff
Blush Pencil Dress
Lacey Floral Scarf
Queen Anne’s Lace Bouquet-when I was little my Mom use to put a few drop’s of food coloring in the vase water and the white flower’s took on the shade of the food coloring!
Lace Blouse
Hope you have a great Monday!

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