Easy scarf-belt tutorial

I have this old vintage scarf I absolutely love, but wanted to come up with some different way’s to wear it.  I got this idea one morning, that just requires that special scarf and a skinny belt!  I think I will try it again when I increase my collection of thin, long, silk scarves.  Unique patterned/textured scarves, and silk scarves are a fun addition to any outfit, no matter how they are worn!  Below is the tutorial:
What you will need: 1 skinny belt that matches your outfit (just in case it peaks out a little)~1 long scarf no more than 4 inches wide 
 Start by securing your belt around your waste to desired tightness.
Spin the belt around so the clasp is in the back. Take your scarf and string it between your belt and stomach, and pull until both sides are equal lengths.  
 Use one hand to hold the scarf in place and begin wrapping one side of the scarf  around and around your belt, while continuing to slide the belt around until the belt buckle is back in the front, end by sticking the tip of the scarf through the top half of the belt buckles to hold it in place.  This may take a few tries to get it evenly wrapped  while still having enough of an end to be secured in the belt buckle.
Repeat with other side, and secure in bottom half of belt buckle.  If you have two long ends left just tie in a little not.  The goal, if possible is to not have any of your belt showing!
And the finished look!

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